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Walltastic is the market leader in children's room decoration. Wall Murals, Decor Kits, Wall Stickers & Large character room stickers. Transform any room. An unhapy customer left this review, "Bad quality picture. Pc's doesn't line up. My kid was very disappointed, don't do it to you kid. Very poor. Waste off money. I first bought this mural for my baby girls bedroom. We left the paste too soak in like it says on the instructions on the box we also made plum line and did stop until it was finished like it say again on the instructions. We put the first 2 pieces up and then the 2 pieces at the bottom for the patten too run out and not match and when we did get it too match they was either a gape running along the middle or down the side. Me being me I thought I did it wrong somehow and bough the same mural again this is £70.00 I have wasted for the second one 2 do exactly the same as the first mural. I have been robbed for 70.00 out of my bank. For something that doesn't even look like the pic when the legs and wings don't even match up right. People should sell these if they don't match. Don't waste your money people."


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Suwigya Rathore says

"The photo frames plastic is very fragile"

Kate H says

"Quality of the items was lower than expected. 'Wooden' frame is in fact a digital print of a wood-like pattern. Furthermore, one of the frames was damaged upon arrival."

silvia van der zwan says

"we ordered two posters, one was not available and therefore we had to wait. The issue is that it was not clearly stated in the website that the poster was not available , otherwise I would have just choosen another one!"

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